All Catarosa Persians are raised indoors with plenty of love and interaction,resulting in affectionate lapcats.

When enquiring about one of my kittens please tell me about yourself and if you are looking for show,breed or pet.

All of my kittens are from PKD negative lines and registered with the GCCF,fully vaccinated for flu & enteritis with 2 health checks,and insured with Petplan for 4 weeks.Wormed regulary with Pancur,and flea treated with Frontline

They do not leave here before 13 weeks of age

All deposits are taken in good faith and are non returnable unless i cancel the sale(this is to deter timewasters)

Kittens sold as pets are to be neutered at 6/7 months of age and cannot be bred from.

Kittens sold for breeding must not be sold on entire without my prior aknowledgement

RESERVED - sale pending

BOOKED - deposit secured

SOLD - all monies paid

                                  2018 KITTENS - ALL BOOKED

                     CATAROSA IMAGINATION(Arlo) - Sold & gone to live with Karen from Oxford

                                                          (Lilac Tabby  Male Exotic)

        CATAROSA ICEDCOFFEE(Bertie)- Sold & gone to live with Cathy from Hereford

                                            (Cream Exotic Male)

                            CATAROSA INDULGENCE - BOOKED by Mark

                                  (Chocolate Tortie & White Exotic Male)

           CATAROSA INSPIRATION - Sold & gone to live with Sheryl from Sheffield

                                        (Cream Exotic Male)

             CATAROSA INFATUATION(Button) - sold & gone to live with Ivana from London

                                (Chocolate & White Exotic Female)

                               CATAROSA IZADORA(Skye) - Staying here

                                              (Lilac Exotic Female)

               CATAROSA INTHENIGHT - sold & gone to live with Jo from Wiltshire

                                         (Black Exotic Male)

          CATAROSA IMPRESSIVE(Arnie) - sold & gone to live with Nikki from Cornwall

                                           (Blue & White Exotic)